Yom Kippur and Other Details

Tomorrow evening at sunset Yom Kippur begins and continues through Monday at sunset. My intention is to write and schedule a post to run Monday morning to keep this blogging streak alive, but will otherwise be out of contact for that period.

Yom Kippur is our Jewish day of fasting, prayer and atonement. It is, arguably, the holiest day of the year. Steve and I use it as a spiritual reset for our lives.

Because Yom Kippur comes in September or October, it also signals the beginning of our planning season for the following calendar year. That means that starting on Tuesday we’ll begin analyzing 2020 and trying to figure out 2021. We’ll also be revising our five year and ten year plans and setting up the budget for the next year. We finalize our plans on December 31.

Covid-19 upended a lot of our plans for 2020 and it will affect 2021 as well. As of today Tennessee is number 8 in the list of top ten states with cases per capita. We will wrestle with that and with what it means to us going forward. We have very tentative plans to visit our family next summer, but we are concerned about bringing the virus from our high caseload state to Colorado and especially to my mother and her boyfriend. But those are plans for another day.

We will also make plans for writing and publishing in 2021 and I’ll undertake a new writing challenge, because challenges motivate me. If you would like to undertake a challenge with me, let me know.

We’ve both put on weight during this period of self-isolation, so we’ll be strategizing on that as well. Steve believes that the key is more exercise. I question his faith in exercise and put my faith in discovering a magic item that allows me to eat whatever I want, never exercise, and still lose weight. I am on the lookout for a magic portal that will lead me to the magic item. We shall see whose belief is stronger.

Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Be well, friends!

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